Requirements for Instantsoap

InstantSoap builds upon many libraries and tools provided by other projects. Some of these are handled by dependency mechanisms. However, some of them you will need to install manually.

  • Java or later : InstantSoap is written in Java. You should install Java6, revision 04 or later. It may work with Java 7 (which is not fully released yet) but it hasn't been tested.

    You should ensure that a compatible version of Java is installed on your system and that this version is being picked up in your classpath.

  • Maven 2 : All of the build process and dependency management is handled by Maven.

    You should follow the download and install instructions. Pay particular attention to setting the variable JAVA_HOME .

  • Tomcat 6.0.16 : InstantSoap has been tested with the Tomcat 6 container. It may well work with alternative containers, but we have no experience with these yet. It appears to not work with the Tomcat 5 series.

    You should follow the installation instructions for Tomcat. It is important that you launch Tomcat using a compatible version of Java. If you have only installed a recent version of Java, there should not be a problem; failing this, you will need to set JRE_HOME to point to Java5.

    To be able to deploy WARs in tomcat, you will need tomcat installed, and a tomcat user with the manager role. Normally, putting:
    <role rolename="manager"/><user username="tomcat" password="tomcat" roles="manager"/>
    into the file $TOMCAT/conf/tomcat-users.xml should work.

    subversion : If you are intending to get the source code for InstantSOAP, then you need to install subversion.

    Full details of the subversion repository are available from the project report.