This document describes key-words that are used through the rest of the documentation.
is the process by which a new service is uploaded to Tomcat which then makes it available to others.
is a programming language . InstantSOAP is written in Java. Publishing command-line applications with InstantSOAP does not require knowledge of Java. Other uses may.
is a tool for building applications . It is used to build InstantSOAP internally, or by users who wish to build Java based services.
is a file which instructs Maven how to build a particular application.
is a free Web server which acts as a container for Java based services, produced by the Apache Software Foundation .
Tomcat Logs
are the files where Tomcat deposits information about its status. They can be found in the log directory of your Tomcat installation.
War File
is a Web ARchive file, is a compressed file format which is used to package everything that Tomcat needs for a new service.